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Emirates Steel Industries visions to be recognized as a leading supplier in the region of the highest quality products and services to our customers, and contribute to the creation of employment opportunities locally and to the development of our community.

We therefore invite qualified personnel to visit our website: and apply online. You will find all the details of our job requirements in our user-friendly website.

Alternatively, you can coordinate with our recruitment agency in applying and uploading your CV.

Department Keywords
Job Title


  Business Development - Business Development Manager (Ref. Code: BDev-BDMngr)
  Controlling Business Planning and ERP - SAP System Coordinator (Helpdesk Support) (Ref. Code: SAP-SysCo)
  Electrical and Automation Maintenance - Engineer (Automation Developer Level 3) (Ref. Code: EAM-EngL3)
  Health and Safety - Process Safety Head (Ref. Code: HS-PrSHd)
  Heavy Section Mill - Feedstock Stock Taker (Ref. Code: HSM-FsStTkr)
  Heavy Section Mill - Roll Shop Supervisor & Planner (Ref. Code: HSM-SHRSGBWS)
  Heavy Section Mill - Shift Manager (Ref. Code: HSM-ShMngr)
  Internal Audit - Audit Supervisor (Ref. Code: IAU-AuSUp)
  Internal Audit - Risk and Compliance Manager (Ref. Code: IAU-RCMngr)
  Mechanical Maintenance and Workshop - Senior Technician (Fluids & Hydraulics) (Ref. Code: MMW-SrTch)
  Procurement and Logistics - General Buyer (Ref. Code: PL-GenByr)
  Procurement and Logistics - Head of Category Management – Raw Materials (Ref. Code: HCM-RM)
  Procurement and Logistics - Head of Performance Excellence (Ref. Code: PL-PEHd)
  Procurement and Logistics - Inventory Controller (Ref. Code: PL-InvCntlr)
  Procurement and Logistics - Procurement Excellence Manager (Ref. Code: PL-ExMngr)
  Procurement and Logistics - Procurement Systems and Data Specialist (Ref. Code: PL-SDSp)
  Procurement and Logistics - Strategic Sourcing Manager (Ref. Code: PL-SSMngr)
  Procurement and Logistics - Supplier Quality Management Specialist (Ref. Code: PL-SQMSp)
  Projects - Construction Manager (Ref. Code: PRJ_ConMngr)
  Projects - QA/TQM Specialist (Ref. Code: QA-TQMSp)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Bundling Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-BnOp )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - CNC Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-CNCOp)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Cold Shear Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-CSOp )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Crane Operator (Semi finished + Finished) (Ref. Code: RM5-CrnOpSFF)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Finishing Assistant (Ref. Code: RM5-FinAst)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Furnace Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-FurOp )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Guide fitter (Ref. Code: RM5-GdFtr)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Inventory Controller (Ref. Code: RM5-InvCont)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Machinist (Ref. Code: RM5-Mchnst)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Main Pulpit Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-MnPltOp )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Material Handling Supervisor (Ref. Code: RM5-MHSv )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Mill Assistant (Ref. Code: RM5-MAsst)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Notching & Branding operator (Ref. Code: RM5-NBOp)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Overhead Crane Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-OCrnOp)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Process Engineer (Ref. Code: RM5-ProEng )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Roll & Stand Fitter (Ref. Code: RM5-RSFtr)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Roll Shop Supervisor (Ref. Code: RM5-RSSv)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Roll Shop Assistant (Ref. Code: RM5-RSAsst)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Roller Operator (Ref. Code: RM5-RolOp )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Senior Roll, Stand & Guide Fitter (Ref. Code: RM5-SrSGF)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Senior Roller (Ref. Code: RM5-SrRlr )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Shift Controller (Finished) (Ref. Code: RM5-ShContF)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Shift Controller (Semi Finished) (Ref. Code: RM5-ShContSF)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Shift operator -Utilities (Ref. Code: RM5-UShfOp)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Shift Supervisor (Ref. Code: RM5-ShSv )
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Utility Supervisor (Ref. Code: RM5-UtSv)
  Rolling Mills - EISC RM5 - Welder Fabricator (Ref. Code: RM5-WrFbr)
  SMP - Pulpit Operator (EAF) (Ref. Code: SMP-EAFPuOp)
  SMP - Section Head (Continous Casting) (Ref. Code: SMP-SHCCM)
  Technical Services - DRP Plant Chemist (P1 & P2) (Ref. Code: TS-DChem)
  Technical Services - Spectro Lab Chemist (Ref. Code: TS-SLChm)
  Utility and Water Treatment Plants - Section Head - Utility Operations (Ref. Code: UWP-SH)
  Utility and Water Treatment Plants - Sr. Shift Operator — Air Separation Plant (Ref. Code: UWP-SrSOp)
  Utility and Water Treatment Plants - Sr. Shift Operator — SMP Water Treatment (Ref. Code: UWP-SrSOpWT)